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coreldraw x9 features

1) PICK Tool

a) Transform handles are locked to the object despite of rectangular. The handles should rotate as per the object and to scale the element as expected

b) No more double click for rotation tool. Give it outside corners as rotation handles. As and when you hover the mouse over the corner of the object, it turns to rotation and allow the option to lock to that state of rotation. so that user will have that rotation stays and rotates freely as user expected (this happens only if the lock command is used for rotation. If unlocked then user needs to move the pointer at the corners to get the rotation command). If the rotation is locked then user rotates other objects as well freely.

c) Double click to launch the respective tools one after the other. For instance if the object is having the gradient applied & transparency is applied, just by double clicking launches that interactive tool command appears and later double clicking again appears the transparency tool.

d) In the Pointer Tool Property Bar, options such as Random scale, Random Large, Random Scale Small, Random Rotation, Random Skew


f) Pointer Should have the option like this below. By default it selects all. If bitmaps is selected then region drawing selects only the bitmaps, Similarly for Vectors & Text.

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